Apple Cider K Cups – Hot Delicious Flavour For Winters

Green Mountain Naturals has come up with popular demand a fresh, juicy goodness of orchard apples in convenient Apple Cider K Cups. Made from handpicked real, fresh apples, these sweet orchard apples are first dried and then mixed with natural flavors, brown sugar and a pinch of cinnamon.

Cider produces an excellent and fairly smooth taste, which has an awesome combination of tartness and sweet taste. It flavors just like apple, smells mind-blowing, and it is an ideal substitute for afternoon tea. A great solution to instant powder combinations, but this is all-natural and also low on calories. . It is extremely smooth and light for the tummy without any sour or robust flavor, found in most of the coffees or even teas.

Apple Cider has high levels of potassium and iron. Like any other fruits and vegetable juices, it has no cholesterol, and it helps to keep serum cholesterol levels down. It improves the functioning of the intestines and cleans the liver and kidney. Apple cider aids in weight loss as it is sugar free. It improves nutrition, digestion and eliminates the harmful toxins from the body.

Apple Cider K-Cup has no added artificial ingredients or preservatives flavors. One can brew the K-Cup within seconds in your brewer, just pop them into your brewer, and what comes out is a comforting, warm cup of Apple Cider, good for the whole family. It gives a delicious, fresh and real fruit beverage, good for all occasions, and it is a new way to enjoy the clean and crisp flavor of Apple Cider. Available for sale at Amazon, one can purchase these K cups online for cheap in 16ct or 24ct.

To get the best out of Apple Cider K Cups, it is advisable to store these K cups at room temperature and shake them well before brewing. Remember to use a midsized cup and use the 8-oz setting in your Keurig Brewer to get a perfect taste.

I enjoy the aroma of Apple Cider K Cups which fills up the kitchen at home and believe me its amazing. It helps to loosen up on a unusually long tense day. When served hot, it delivers its best flavor, esp. in the winter months, but it is a delicious flavor to try all year long. It brings in added cosiness to chilly winter season.