Best Iced Coffee K Cups For This Summer

Coffee K cups have been one of the greatest solutions to satisfy coffee cravings. Implementing the innovative Keurig brewing technology, you can enjoy every delicious flavors at home. With summers approaching, cravings for something cold come to mind. Don’t worry! Keurig got it covered too. Welcome, Iced coffee K cups, and you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee in no time!

We are listing the best brew over ice k cups to jump start your day.

K CupsBrandFlavorWhy Choose ? 
The Original Donut Shop Regular Iced Coffee, K-cups, 22-count The Original Donut ShopSweet & CreamyMade from highest quality Arabica beans Check Price
Keurig Starbucks Vanilla Sweetened Iced Coffee K-cup 16 Ct StarbucksVanilla SweetenedBold but not too sweet Check Price
Starbucks Sweetened Iced Medium Roast Single Cup Coffee for Keurig Brewers, 6 Boxes of 10 (60 Total K-Cup pods) StarbucksSweetenedSmooth and refreshing sweet blend Check Price

Choosing The Perfect K Cups Iced Coffee

With ever increasing choices of K pods, available online; it can be pretty challenging to pick out that one flavor or perhaps, flavors that will satisfy your taste buds. Keurig has its own huge line of flavors and more and more brands are pumping in flavors each day. Starbucks, Dunkin donuts, Donut shop and many more big brands have jumped into market, delivering various blends of mocha, French vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, and unsweetened flavors. You can easily find k cups, specially crafted for iced coffee from these brands.

You might have also consider buying a flavor of coffee or normal K-cup and serve it over ice. Apparently, a lot of consumers do that. But they miss the actual flavor big time. These k cups for iced coffee are packed with more coffee to keep the coffee flavor rich, even with more water and extra cubes of ice!

Our in-depth research list on best-iced coffee k cups will make your life easier.

1  The Original Donut Shop Regular Iced Coffee

The first iced coffee K-cup on our list, targets those coffee aficionados who prefer sweet and creamy coffee and probably, not for those who opt for a stronger taste of coffee. This iced coffee K-cup is comprised of natural sweeteners to maintain its blend of sweetness and creaminess. You just have to pop it in your Keurig brewer, and you’ll have a sweet and creamy coffee on-the-go!

The Original Donut Shop iced coffee K-cup, produced from the highest quality of Arabica beans, is flavorful, bold, and has enough sweetness for a glass of iced coffee. You won’t even have to add sugar or cream to it. Also if those ice cubes would melt, you would still have a rich and flavorful coffee on hand.

2  Starbucks Vanilla Sweetened Iced Coffee K-cup

If you want to try one of the signature flavors of Starbucks with your very own Keurig brewer, you can start off with this Vanilla sweetened iced coffee K-cup. It is infused with vanilla flavor that does not overpower the coffee. Everything’s well balanced. Although the general impression on vanilla flavor is very sweet, this Starbucks iced coffee K-cup is bold and not too sweet. So, for those coffee lovers who opt for a mild taste with less sweetened flavor, this can be an excellent choice.

Since it isn’t too sweet, some may find it lacking sugar and cream. So, if you want to add more flavors, you can put a little cream and sugar in it or mix in some flavors of your choice. With just one push ,you’ll have a refreshing iced vanilla coffee right out of your kitchen.

3 Starbucks Sweetened Iced Coffee Keurig Pods

If the Starbucks Vanilla Sweetened iced coffee K-cup may need some sweetening, this one won’t need a dash of sugar or other sweeteners like cream or milk. It contains the right amount of sugar that can satisfy your cravings for a sweet coffee. And because of its rich flavor, others even brew it for a hot coffee!

This blend is from premium Arabica beans which is one of the coffee species that is commonly used for a much sweeter range of coffee and hence, this Starbucks sweetened iced coffee K-cup will surely give you a smooth and refreshing sweet blend that you can indulge in any time of the day!

4 Donut House Collection, Sweet & Creamy Regular Iced Coffee

The original Keurig-owned brands Donut House Collection K-cup flavor is an ideal option for those coffee enthusiasts who want their coffee sweet and creamy. Because it has no bitterness in it, this smooth coffee doesn’t need any cream or sugar although it isn’t too sweet. Well, it still depends on your preference and how you prefer your coffee.

This refreshing beverage is one of the specially crafted iced coffee K-cups that comes with rich flavor and does not water down even if you serve it over ice. So, if you want to chill on a warm morning or pump up a cozy afternoon with one of originals, you can start with this Donut House Collection K-cup.

5 Community Mocha Vanilla Iced Coffee K-Cups

There are coffee drinkers who prefer doing the combinations of flavors on their own, whether it is sweet, creamy, strong, or mild. It is actually a bit challenging to find the ideal flavour that will suit your taste. But if you could customize your cup of coffee, would you? You’d probably go for it. And this K-cup from Community Coffee is infused with Mocha Vanilla but does not contain any cream or sugar.

Since it has no sweeteners, you can customize your iced coffee the way you want it. You won’t have to worry whether it’ll be too sweet or too creamy. But for those who prefer sweetened coffee, this may not be the best option. Nonetheless, Community Coffee is a delicious and refreshing coffee that can line up with your favorite cold beverages!


Iced coffee K-cups have been widely available for those coffee drinkers who have Keurig coffee makers. Each of these brands has their distinct flavors to offer that you can quickly make and enjoy at your home.

We are sure that this comprehensive review of the best iced coffee K-cups will help you find the flavor that will suit your preference. Whenever you need to stay awake at night to accomplish a pile of paperwork or soothe your mood during breaks at the office, coffee is probably the first drink you’ve got on your hand. And if you want to enjoy a rich, flavorful, and delicious coffee right out of the coffee machine, K-cups offer you a ton of coffee flavors to try. Go ahead and try these delicious K-cups!