Donut Shop K Cups – An All Time Favorite

The original Donut Shop K Cups by coffee people took the world of k cups by storm with their original, unique flavor and are still selling strong. Packaged using airtight containers which allow the freshness and flavor of the coffee to be maintained, these K-cups are still loved by individuals of all ages. The patented container prevents light, moisture and oxygen from penetrating inside coffee and this ensures that the taste of the coffee is never compromised.

Types of Donut Shop K Cups

Available in regular, medium roast extra bold and decaf varieties, and in cheap wholesale packs of 18 ct, 22, 24, 50, 96 and 108 count, they are favorite for every season. You can shop for best lowest price on them using coupons across USA and Canada at Amazon, Costco, Kosher and Walmart. If you buy in bulk on sales, you can avail free shipping.

The roast type refers to the amount of time that the coffee was roasted. If you are having difficulty in deciding what type of coffee to try or a bit worried about calories, gluten and nutritional information, it is worth knowing that the extra bold indicates that there is approximately 20% more strength to the flavor of the coffee.

There are times when you need a really strong shot of coffee to wake you up and get you going so the extra bold is ideal for times like these. For everyday occasions, the regular offers the exact amount of full flavor without any acid taste or bitterness.

Donut Shop K Cups was one of the first to introduce premium flavor decaf coffee. There are times when you really fancy a cup of coffee but it may be late in the day and you would prefer not to put more caffeine into the bloodstream to keep you awake for long. The decaf is perfect for these occasions as it provides the full delicious flavor of the regular k cups coffee but without the caffeine.

Because k cups work wonderfully with Keurig brewers, each pod produces a large cup of flavorsome coffee at a fraction of the price, which makes them of great value. By owning a Keurig system and buying k cups in bulk, you can experience professional style beverages at the comfort of your own home and even in the workplace.

The Keurig brewing system and K Cups make a perfect combination as they provide you with the perfect tasting coffee every single time without paying the hefty price tag at high street coffee stores. It’s so convenient to be able to create such delicious coffee when you get up each morning and know that it’s setting you up for the day ahead. If you’re lucky you can even enjoy these k cups when you are at work as well and feel refreshed and energized all day long.

With over 2000 positive testimonials left about Donut Shop K-cups at amazon alone, you can easily guess the popularity and faith shown about the brand. Above 90% of testimonials are positive with many customers describing the coffee as ‘bold yet mellow’. Even the coffee connoisseurs have commented that this coffee really packs a punch which is high praise coming from an expert.

Indeed, one of the great things about K cups is that it tastes like good old fashioned percolated coffee. In essence, it tastes just like a good diner-style cup of coffee and if this is how you like your morning brew to taste, then Donut shop K Cups are for you.