Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K Cups

Green Mountain coffee lovers seem to have a more privileged treatment when it comes to beverage quality. It is not enough to have a good coffee maker. The quality of the brew is also affected by the supplies used and Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K Cups have been selling in huge volumes mostly because of the quality of the coffee. Because of huge demand, people prefer to buy this K-cup in bulk, in 108 ct or 96ct.

What Makes It Superior?

When it comes to coffee, the place of origin is highly important. Some cultures have a tradition in growing the finest beans and when it comes for Green Mountain, they settle only for the best. The Breakfast Blend is made of beans grown by the Vargas family in Costa Rica.

Here is what can be expected from a single cup:

1. One dose is enough for one premium cup of coffee.
2. Well balanced smooth taste and medium acidity.
3. Premium mild aroma.
4. Optimal coffee bean roasts.

The Best Coffee… For Most

It is difficult to find anything to complain about the product. With an almost five star rating on all retailers, the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K Cups managed to please even the most demanding coffee drinkers. Less than 1% complained that the coffee is not strong enough. This means that only 1 in 100 people might give it 4 stars instead of 5. On the other hand, the morning cup of coffee should not be extremely strong. Nobody wants to have a cup of pure bitterness right the moment they wake up.

To meet the demands of calories conscious individuals, these k cups are also available in decaf format. Decaf K cups are a bit costly, so buy them in wholesale or check out for best price at local clearance sale.

An Ending Thought

Green Mountain coffee brewer owners have been blessed with a great product that will make Monday mornings easier to cope with. The main element that makes them such a popular brand is the high quality of beans that come from a known and prestigious source. The Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K Cups are a must have even for the most picky consumers that know exactly what they want when it comes to high quality coffee.