Island Coconut K Cups – An All Time favourite For Spring Season

A favorite by most people during summer and spring seasons, the Island Coconut K cups provide a light and well-balanced coffee taste that is sweet, with a touch of creaminess from the coconut. Offering a tropical treat to avid coffee drinkers, this variant is another perfect way to start your morning or loosen up every afternoon. With a delightful aroma and delicate coconut flavor, you are going to love this blend from the first up to the last drop.

Made to suit every person’s taste, anyone can easily fall for this coffee blend. With the Island Coconut K cups, you’ll enjoy the refreshing taste and fragrance of the freshly grated coconut in the form of coffee. The coffee used in this K cup is lightly roasted to complement its coconut flavoring.

Popularized by the manufacturers of Green Mountain Coffee, this coffee is certified by Fair Trade and Orthodox Union. It may be caffeinated, but it uses no sugar or sweeteners of any kind. It also gives the body zero calories, so it is perfect for everyone, especially for people who are conscious about nutrition, calories and weight.

Designed for brewing in Keurig’s single brewing machines, each Island Coconut K cups blend contains a per-portioned amount of finest coffee that is harvested from the top coffee-producing regions. These K-cups can be used in any of Keurig’s single brewing systems, except for newly launched Vue system.

If you crave for a quick trip to paradise, then you should definitely buy Island Coconut K cups. Available in 24ct, 50, 80, 96 and 108 counts, price for these K cups start from $ 15 at Amazon or bed bath and beyond. This coffee is sure to captivate and satisfy your daily coffee cravings. Smooth and light-tasting, you are sure to take a sip of it over and over again. If you have not tried flavored coffees yet, then this is the best variant to start.